Bioidentical Hormone Testimonials

Dr. Connie is one of the best (if not THE best) functional endocrinology people I know. This says a lot given my experience in so many academic institutions over the years.She is managing at least as many men and women on hormones as I am, and does it all with great academic acumen a deep intuitive skill and a wide-open heart.I have never had greater respect for any of my colleagues than I have for this woman. Her practice is not at all limited to endocrinology so please consider seeing her for any and all health issues. This woman is remarkable; a true healer.”
-Dr. Shanti Rubenstone, Mountain View, CA

You can’t do better for your medical care than Pacific Naturopathic. They know everything your doctor knows, plus they know a lot your doctor doesn’t.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Connie for over 15  years, and she has been invaluable in helping me deal with body issues (most recently menopause) using therapies I’d never have known about if all I saw was my gynecologist.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough, especially if the standard medical establishment approaches have not met your needs or you want to know about the many unsuspected alternatives to what your doctors can offer. “ -Mary Leigh, Mountain View, CA

I have had a series of medical challenges and have gone to doctors (MDs) in my area of rural southern Missouri. I have not been able to find solutions. I had heard Dr. Connie Hernandez, ND, was one of the very best in naturopathic medicine. I was surprised and pleased to learn that she could work with me on the telephone.

I began phone consultations with Dr. Connie last fall, in 2009. After the first session, while going over her suggestions, I was amazed at how many specific, workable solutions she was able to offer me. I have continued to benefit from our one-hour sessions on a regular basis. Despite the fact that I live in a rural area with very limited medical resources, I am now able to receive some of the finest medical advice available.

Dr. Connie Hernandez listens to me in a respectful, compassionate manner, and she gives clear and thoughtful advice. She does this in a way that makes me feel comfortable and relaxed about sharing difficult health challenges. She includes me, as a team member, in the building of solutions (which all doctors should do, but I have not experienced this, until now). She advises and helps me set short and long-term strategies. She has offered and explained specific, detailed testing advice that assists me with a major health concern — no other medical doctor has ever done this for me. All the while, she considers my personal situation and looks at options that include what I can afford, or find available, in my area. After each session, she mails me a copy of her well-organized notes. My doctor-visits-by-phone have been successful — I am healthier, and have real handles on what to do for my future healing. I have a new level of optimism — because I have a warm-hearted Naturopathic Doctor Connie on my team. -Gail in Missouri